Using Vote In DKI Jakarta Election, Jokowi Will Vote In Gambir


President Joko Widodo have said that he will use his vote right in DKI Jakarta 2017 Election in Gambir area, Central Jakarta. “I will vote in Gambir,” said President Joko Widodo after visiting Maluku Mal City (MCM) Ambon, Wednesday (8/2/2017) evening.
Using Vote In DKI Jakarta Election, Jokowi Will Vote In Gambir
The local 2017 election will have held at 15 February 2017. DKI Jakarta is one of regional which held local election. The DKI Jakarta 2017 Election will be followed by three candidates which is Agus Hari Murti Yudhoyono – Sylviana Murni which supported by coalition from Demokrat, PKB, PPP and PAN Party, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama – Djarot Saiful Hidayat who is the incumbent have supported by the coaltion from PDI-P, Golkar, Nasdem, PKPI and Hanura party and the last candidate is Anies Baswedan – Sandiaga Uno who supported by coalition from Gerindra and PKS Party.

While that, in lull period of the election, President Joko Widodo have asking everyone to lull in that period. “That is right because the period is lull so there everyone should be control themselves. Don’t be any conflict in this period even there are only small conflict in lull period,” said Jokowi.

About the rumor for demonstration which carried the issues that not related with local election, President have said that everyone should calm down. “Anything in this lull period should be calm down,” said President Jokowi.

Rhoma Irama Disagree With Revocation of Political Rights For Corruptor


The chairman of Islam Peace and Safe Party or known as Partai Idaman, Rhoma Irama have opined that he revocation of political right for corruptor is not the best solution for apply. This is due to the imprisonment and expropriation of assets by the state have become the tough sentence for the corruptor and he believe both of the sentence can give deterrent effects for corruptor.

“I think there is enough for current situation,” said Rhoma when attending the National Work Meeting from Partai Idaman in Soneta Record Indonesia Studio Complex at Depok, West Java.

According to Rhoma, political right is a part from human rights and due to that, the revocation of political rights will collide with human rights. In other side, human is a creature which can change. There are man who in first is good and change into bad. There is happen vice-versa, bad man can also change into good man.

Due to that, there are not rights for other man to revoke other man rights including political rights for corruptor. “We should put respect to human rights. I think there is not because they are thieves, so they so put away from public, must revoke their politics rights and constitutionals. I am disagree with that,” said Rhoma.

Rhoma have presume that living inside prison is the worst conditions. Imprisonment have become very effective these days. “Even it can become good lesson for them. People who are corrupt and have imprisonment can become good shock therapy for themselves or other person to be became better man. Imprisonment can become the great experience for the corruptor,” said Rhoma Irama.

Goverment Will Investigate The Purchase Of AW 101 Helicopter By Indonesia Air Forces


Government have insvestigated the purchase of Augusta Westland 101 helicopter by Indonesia Air Forces. The purchase have been done although have been rejected previously by President Joko Widodo at December 2015.

“Is it have followed procedure or have violate procedure. Is in the policy have violate government policies. All of those will be investigated completely,” said Minister Coordinating of Politics, Law and Security, Wiranto at President Palace’s complex, Jakarta.

Wiranto unwilling to answer when asking is there are coordination between daftar togel government and Indonesia Air Force when decided to purchase those helicopter. “Wait first. We still investigate careful so just wait,” said Wiranto.

Commander of Indonesia National Armed Forces General Gatot Nurmantyo previously have also said that Indonesia National Armed Forces have precipitated the investigation team for investigate the purchase of AW 101 helicopter.

According to General Gatot, the purchase of helicopter have been cancelled for long time ago. “We have created the investigation team to investigate why this happen,” said Gatot. The Commander have explained that the letter for cancel the purchase contract have been send for long time ago.

The commander have stated that his instance will give sanctions if the result of the investigation have found there are violation in the process of this purchasing. There are reported that, Indonesia Air Forces have purchased the Augusta Westland 101 helicopter, although President Joko Widodo have reject this purchase in December 2015.

“The purchase which rejected is onlye for VVIP. This is for Air Forces and SAR team. This have follow the proper study and procedure in Air Forces,” said The Chief of Staff of Indonesia Air Forces Air Chief Marshal Agus Supriatna in Jakarta.

The photo that revealed Augusta Westland 101 helicopter using the symbol of Indonesia Air Forces have spread in few website. In those photos there are AW 101 which have been tested in its maiden flight with the caption that state the helicopter have been purchase by Indonesia Air Force.

The photographer for those photos, Rich Pittman have stated that those photo have been taken from Augusta Westland factory in Yeofil, England.

Exposes Corruptions In Maritime Security Agency, KPK Will Coordinating With TNI


The spokesman from Corruption Eradication Commission, Febri Diansyah have state that his commission will keep to coordinating with Indonesia National Armed Forces in investigate the corruption in Maritime Security Agency.

“This is the first case which investigate by KPK with coordinating with TNI. Previously there are case related to TNI which about traveler cheque but have directly distributed to Indonesia National Armed Forces,” said Febry in conference press at KPK Office.

Febri state that there are few points should be examined by KPK investigator which is the criminal procedure lawn in military. Due to that, currently KPK have looking for the best way in coordinating with TNI especially the investigation for this corruption in Maritime Security Agency have related with Indonesia National Armed Forces staff.

KPK have the authority in the investigation for any military corruption case if refer to Act Number 30 article 42 year 2002 about Corruption Eradication Commission. That article have stated that Corruption Eradication Commission have authority to coordinating and controlling the research, investigation and prosecution for corruption case by everyone who obey to military court and general court.

“Currently KPK have the authority in KPK Act article 42 for coordinating and controlling the research, investigation and prosecution both of general court and military court,” said Febri.

“We still determine the best method to keeping both of KPK and TNI solid until the end of the case because that is the most important point,” continue Febry.

The Commander of Indonesia Armed Forces General TNI Gatot Nurmantyo have said that there are investigation procedure apply when there are Indonesia National Armed Forces have involved with criminal case.

This have stated by Gatot in respond there are possibility individual from army have involve the corruption of monitoring satellite procurement in Maritime Security Agency.

Police Guarding The House Of Bomb Bride Parent’s House In Cirebon


The police have started to guarding the DYN parent’s house, the bomb bride in Bakung Lor Village, Jamblang District, Cirebon. DYN is the woman who is arrested by 88 Anti-Terror Special Detachment in Bintara Jaya, Bekasi due to be suspected planning a terror at National Palace with her other two partners.

In front of journalist, Haji Watma, the head of Bakung Lor Village have said that DYN parent have been stay in his village together with three younger brothers and sisters for long time. “The information is corrct that our villager have been suspected for terrorism and have been arrested at Bekasi. There are information the authority what to start for searching but still don’t know when the time. Either Local Military Commander and Military District Command Center have waiting for the decision from Jakarta. Polices have started coordinate with us,” said Watma.

Watma have recounted that DYN have ever go to abroad for working with the destination country is Taiwan as the Indonesia Woman Worker at 2012. After that Watma with other villager have don’t hear any news about DYN after she go to Taiwan.
Police Guarding The House Of Bomb Bride Parent's House In Cirebon
DYN is the first child from 4 brother and sister. She have become the main income after her father have attacked by disease which cause him unable to use his feet. DYN have choose to go abroad for fulfill her parents and brothers / sisters need in village.

“Her father have sick for long time since 2011 and her mother have become the main source to fulfill the house need by selling. In 2012, DYN have growth up and register her name to become Indonesia Worker with destination country at Taiwan. After that, there are not any news ever hear until today which she arrested due to be suspected in terrorism,” said Watma.

Till Saturday Evening, the house from DYN’s parent still guarding by police and Indonesia National Army together with people from village office. The authority have guarded that place for preventing any unwanted action. Not far from the location, both of police and Indonesia National Army have guarded the area around the village office.

Previously, police and 88 Anti-Terror Special Detachment have arrested three people who have suspected as terrorist from a car at Bekasi, West Java. There are NS and DN who is male and DYN who is female.

The Head of Public Relation Division from Metro Jaya Police Department Raden Prabowo Argo Yuwono said that the arrest to the suspect have been taken after team from 88 Anti-Terror have tailed the car which used by NS from Solo.

After arrive at Jakarta, NS have fetched DNY in Pondok Kopi. When fetched, DNY have carry a box. “After that DNY with NS have go to post office around Bintara to send the box which carry DNY,” said Argo.

Then the package have taken opened by Special Detachment which in the inside the package there are stuffs like clothes and last wills planned to send to DNY parents. The letters have planned to explain the will of DYN and her readiness for become the bomb bride.

PT Transjakarta Banned The Operation Of Ankai’s Bus From China Due To Burning


The couple bus from Transjakarta have get burned in M.T Haryono Road near Cawang BNN bus station at Thursday evening. That bus is the bus from China with brand Ankai. Due to that incident, PT Transjakarta have decided to ban all operation from the Ankai’s Buses.

There 30 buses which produce by Ankai have been stopped the operation until the investigation for the cause of the fire have been finished. This stop of operation akun poker have purpose for PT Transjakarta can have investigate the fire completely for the Ankai’s Buses condition.
“The stop of the operation from the buses is make Transjakarta can investigate the whole Ankai’s Bus condition,” said The Director of PT Transjakarta Budi Kaliwono.

Budi said that in that incident there are not any casualties when the bus get fired in Cawang. The fire have been directly put out the fire agen poker in less than 30 minutes. “We never tolerate every disruption in every aspect especially when talking about safety. All bus, we operate must be tested and ensure its safety,” said Budi.

Budi said that he still don’t get any information for the cause of the fire from the bus with number TJ054. “The current supposition is the fire have come from the front cabin there are short circuit,” said Budi.

Budi have also ask for apologize to Jakarta people for this incident. Next, Budi is guarantee the service of Transjakarta Teman Poker99 will run normally although there are 30 buses with Ankai brand have been banned from operation.

Getting Better, 3 Toddlers Who Victims From Molotov Bomb Will Take Plastic Surgery


The condition from 3 toddlers who become the victims of molotov bomb at Oikumene Church in Samarinda have getting better. There planned all of the victims would have plastic surgery when the doctor team from AW Sjahranie Hospital don’t find any burns.

This operation will do to ensure the victims who all is the kids won’t have any disturbing wound left. Director of AW Sjahranie Samarinda Hospital, dr Rachim Dinata have said that every day the cleanse of the burns in operation room have been did routinely every day. Now, doctor team have been focused in preventing the infection agen bola from burns which got by victims.
“Plastic surgery is require if there are any infection which can’t be cured and that is also need to ensure the burns have dried completely and have The new contractures. Firstly, we have remove the damage skin then we will take some good skin. This named as skin graft, so the new skin will taken and attached to wound which need to recover,” said Rachim.

The plan is the first two patients which is Alvaro 4 years old and Anita 2 years old will moved into ward room in next few days. The last toddlers, Trinity 3 years old would be stay in Neonatal Intensify Care Unit room.

“Right now the burns process have been in great condition. It is presume like we have grow plant so we have made the fertile the below area of the plant. So we have ensure Teman Judi the burns area have properly, don’t have any infection. Then we have do surgery because without worrying there are any infection later,” said Rachim.

Previously at Sunday last week about 10 o’clock Samarinda local time, someone have throw molotov bomb to in front of the Oikumene Church. The bomb have explode in the Sunday pray. There are noted 4 persons become the victim, all of the victims are toddlers. One of the victim have dead when have treatment. There still have another Sbobet three victims which received treatment in hospital.

The police have defined 7 suspects which have become the part of this bombing network.