Djarot Hope Constitutional Court Accept Incumbent Campaign Break Judicial Review

The current deputy governor of DKI Jakarta, Djarot Saiful Hidayat have hope constitutional court have accept the judicial review for Act number 10 year 2016 about regional election, especially for article 70 sentence 3 which regulate sbobet campaign break for incumbent.

This judicial review have been asked by current incumbent governor of DKI Jakarta Basuki Tjahaja Purnama or Ahok.
Djarot Hope Constitutional Court Accept Incumbent Campaign Break Judicial Review
Djarot have said this at DKI Jakarta’s City Hall. He hoped that incumbent is only required to take a break when want to campaign, not in campaign period. With this, in other days which don’t have campaign schedule, he and Ahok can work regularly.

According to Act Number 10 Article 70 sentence 3 year 2106, incumbent who following the regional election in the area which currently they lead should have break during agen bola campaign period. As a note, the 2017 regional election would be start from 28 October 2016 and ended at 11 February 2017. That period have including campaign period and the election day.

“So we can focus to maximize budget utilization. Currently the budget utilization have reach more than 40 percents and we still trying to increase the utilization,” said Djarot.

He also said that the period from October, November and December is very crucial because at that time the budget utilization should be increase and that is require Teman Judi the supervision from Governor and Deputy Governor. Beside that, Djarot have also admitted that period is important because there are session in organize 2017 Regional Expense and Income Budget.

“We want to ensure that there is not any extension for contracts which have been suspended before. Till today, we also chase the 2016 Regional Expense and Income Budget revision to be finished soon,” said Djarot.

These Is Two Scenarios To Fight Against Ahok In 2017 Election From Cikeas

Consolidation meeting from four parties which is Democrat Party, National Awakening Party (PKB), United Development Party (PPP) and National Mandate Party (PAN) which have held in chairman of Democrat Party’s residence at Cikeas, Bogor get through relaxed and friendly condition.

Deputy of Chairman of Democrat Party Roy Suryo have explained that the meeting from those four parties have involve the each party chairman. From the meeting, they have agree to put two scenarios for facing DKI Jakarta Election.
These Is Two Scenarios To Fight Against Ahok In 2017 Election From Cikeas
The first is consider single candidate from 6 parties which not the current incumbent Ahok-Djarot carrier. Beside those four parties, there are Greater Indonesia Movement Party and Justice Prosperity parties which still need in the lobby for join this coalition.

While the second option is create another axis which consisting 4 parties if Greater Indonesia Movement Party or Gerindra and PKS have carried their own candidate.

“4 parties have agree to keep everything which have committed in Kekeluargaan Coalition few times ago. We would finalized it this afternoon,” said Roy. However, because the election is only the regional election and not in national scale, then the announcement would be returned to each political party leader in regional level.

The representative from head of each regional party level would accompany the candidate to register their name in Regional General Election Commission or KPUD. Roy unwilling to reveal the name of the candidate which will carry by Democrat and its coalition. But he have ensure that the registration would be do in Friday.

“Is there are 3 or 5 parties, we will know it tomorrow afternoon after Friday prayers,” said Roy.

This consolidation meeting have been held for searching the candidate to face the incumbent Basuki Tjahaja Purnama or Ahok and Djarot Saiful Hidayat which have firstly register their name to KPUD. This meeting have been directed by Former Indonesia President, SBY.

From the picture which send by Democrat Party, there are Zulkifli Hasan who is Chairman of PAN, Muhaimin Iskandar who is Chairman of PKB and Romahurmuziy who is Chariman of PPP. The other who looks have in the meeting is Secretary General of Democrat Party Hinca Panjaitan, the head of Democrat Faction in People Representative Council which also the youngest son of SBY, Edhie Baskoro Yudhoyono, The Head of Democrat Elder Council EE Mangindaan, The Head of Democrat Trustees Council Amir Syamsuddin and The Head of Democrat DKI Jakarta Regional Nachrowi Ramli.

Minister of Defence : One of Indonesia Citizen Waiting For Released In Philippine

Minister of Defence Ryamizard Ryacudu have said that currently there one Indonesia citizen who waiting for released by Abu Sayyaf Group in Philippine. Previously, there are three Indonesia citizens who have been released by the militant daftar togel group and handed to Indonesia Government Representative.
Minister of Defence : One of Indonesia Citizen Waiting For Released In Philippine
“I wish tonight, the group would release another one hostage, so there are 4 hostages have been released. But, currently the other three have been released. We have waiting this one which still in unsure condition,” said Ryamizard at Halim Perdanakusuma Operation Base.

Ryamizard have explain that currently, Abu Sayyaf have still kidnapped 6 Indonesia citizen. If the negotiation have succeeded that there would be remain 5 people in that militant hand. Previously the hostage which have been released by Abu Sayyaf are Lorence Koten, Theodorus Kopong and Emanuel.

All of them are crew from a boat which came from East Nusa Tenggara. For return all the hostage back to Indonesia, there is depending on Ministry of Foreign Affairs but I hope there would been as soon as possible beside that government have also commit to give help and support to recover all the hostage trauma when kidnapped by Abu Sayyaf,” said the former Chief Staff of Indonesia National Army and 26th Commander of Kostrad.

United Development Party: Yusril, Rizal Ramli and Sandiaga Can Be Paired With Jakarta Bureaucrat

Secretary General of United Development Party or PPP Arsul Sani said that there are three candidate for DKI Jakarta Governor who have declared their candidacy to take the deputy governor candidate from bureaucrat background.

This ideas have be said by Arsul if Sandiaga Uno, Yusril Ihza Mahendra and Rizal Ramli have officially register their name into DKI Jakarta General Election Commission as governor candidate. Arsul have assessed all of them have not enough experience in leading the large scale bureaucrat like DKI Jakarta. So there are very logic if all of them is need a deputy governor which come from bureaucrat background.
United Development Party: Yusril, Rizal Ramli and Sandiaga Can Be Paired With Jakarta Bureaucrat
“Mr. Sandiaga is a businessman and not have any experience in running bureaucrat. Mr. Rizal Ramli and Mr. Yusril have been ever become minister but the bureaucrat is not as large as DKI Jakarta and not have direct connection with public service,” said Arsul.

He have added that there are two figure which very suitable to pair with those three governor candidates. There are Saefullah which currently have appointed as Regional Secretary or Sekda DKI Jakarta and Governor Assistant for Tourism and Culture Sylviana Murni.

“Mr. Saefullah can be said as success figure because he can manage DKI Bureaucrat till now since appointed. Mrs. Sylviana is also have good success record like when she become the head of DKI Jakarta Civil Service Police Unit. They who have experience in manage this large bureaucrat can be very helpful,” said Arsul.

Arsul continue if one of those governor candidate have officially advance into DKI Jakarta Election and paired with Saefullah or Sylviana, that can become alternative choice for political party which joins in Koalisi Kekeluargaan.

“Every option should be accommodated and combination between Sandiaga, Yusril or Rizal Ramli with Saefullah or Sylviana can become alternative for political party which joins in the coalitions,” said Arsul

Minister of Transportation Ask Dwelling Time In Tanjung Perak Harbor Become 4 Days

Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi have asked the authority in Tanjung Perak Port to accelerate the process in the harbor from 6 days to 4 days. Dwelling time is a waiting time for goods for loading and unloading in port.

“It should be maximize about 4 days, how to accomplished that target we should have equaled with other countries in this region for improve our business efficiency,” said Minister of Transportation at Teluk Lamong harbor, Surabaya.
Minister of Transportation Ask Dwelling Time In Tanjung Perak Harbor Become 4 Days
According to Budi, the acceleration for goods’ waiting time in Tanjung Perak Port is one of kind of public service to the user of the harbor. He have rated the Tanjung Perak Port as the entry gate for Eastern Indonesia economy. Due to that, he think the authorities can give maximum service quality.

Budi have admitted that he have receive special task from President to deregulate national harbor system. The main goal is for increase the economy activity including shortening dwell time in port.

Director of Technical and Information Technology of PT Pelindo III which manage Tanjung Perak Port, Husein Latif have revealed the reason why the dwell time is quite long in the largest Port in East Java. According to him, the verification and examination for the goods and documents from the authorities like customs have taking large portion for this dwelling time.

“Currently at Tanjung Perak, the waiting time for ship is not reach a day for international ship, for bulk carriers are require about one day to two days,” said Husein.

Golkar’s Politician State PDI-P Will Declare Their Support For Ahok In 2017 Governor Election

The Head of Center Administration Council of the Functionary Group Party or known as Golkar, Yorrys Raweyai have ensure that Indonesia Democratic Party Struggle or known as PDI-P will support incumbent Basuki Tjahaja Purnama in 2017 DKI Jakarta Election.

“One or two day PDI-P will announce their support,” said Yorrys. “And we are very grateful that PDI-P will working together with friends from Nasdem, Golkar, Hanura and other volunteer friends for win Ahok in 2017 Election.”
Golkar's Politician State PDI-P Will Declare Their Support For Ahok In 2017 Governor Election
Yorrys admit that he know the PDI-P position from the communications with PDI-P. According to him, PDI-P have agreed to carry Ahok together with their cadre, Djarot Saiful Hidayat as the running mate in the election.

“This will become additional power for the our side and we have more confident to win the election,” said Yorrys.

Secretary General from PDI-P Hasto Kristiyanto, previously have explain his side still don’t take any position for the candidate his party would carry in 2017 DKI Jakarta Election. According to Hasto, PDI-P still will be mapping for politics condition in 2017 DKI Jakarta Election.

“The presence of Mr Djarot and Mr Ahok in DPP PDI-P office at 17 August is a positive thing, but is it would ended with recommendation to carry Mr Ahok, we will look the

Kekeluargaan Coalition Have Postponed The Declaration For DKI Jakarta 2017 Election Candidate

The declaration agenda to carry Sandiaga Uno as one of DKI Jakarta Governor candidate together with his partner as the deputy have been postponed. The agenda which planned early to be held at Monday 22 August 2016 have been postponed without any reason.
Kekeluargaan Coalition Have Postponed The Declaration For DKI Jakarta 2017 Election Candidate
Sandiaga Uno who is currently Cadre and Deputy Chief of Elder Council of the Greater Indonesia Movement Party or Gerindra have said that the postponed is cause by there are a lot of high ranking member from the coalition party have more important issue must be solve. Sandiaga have said that his party, Gerindra have held a close meeting with other party’s executives in this big coaltion. All of the political parties have agreed to re-schedule the declaration to 25 August.

“There are few parties leader who require additional time for verification and investigate the deputy governor candidate which will carry by this coalition,” said Sandiaga.

Sandiaga unwilling to said those parties who ask additional time. One of the factor which claimed by Sandiaga is the improvement in this election winning strategy. “The newest survey have show us the incumbent’s electability, the current Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama can be competed.

Sandiaga have also deny there are the political parties which will withdraw from the coalition. He have believe that the coalition have shown its solidity and synergistic against incumbent.

According to Sandi, all the parties have gave him right and discretion in choose his deputy but Sandi have said that he will discuss every potential candidate with the coalition member. “I am still focus for greet local people. We have get a lot of potential name which will become the candidate like current DKI Jakarta Regional Secretary, Saefullah or Sylviana Murni, one of DKI Jakarta Governor Assistant. All the name will be verify and investigate for getting the best candidate,” said Sandiaga Uno.