PT Transjakarta Banned The Operation Of Ankai’s Bus From China Due To Burning

The couple bus from Transjakarta have get burned in M.T Haryono Road near Cawang BNN bus station at Thursday evening. That bus is the bus from China with brand Ankai. Due to that incident, PT Transjakarta have decided to ban all operation from the Ankai’s Buses.

There 30 buses which produce by Ankai have been stopped the operation until the investigation for the cause of the fire have been finished. This stop of operation akun poker have purpose for PT Transjakarta can have investigate the fire completely for the Ankai’s Buses condition.
“The stop of the operation from the buses is make Transjakarta can investigate the whole Ankai’s Bus condition,” said The Director of PT Transjakarta Budi Kaliwono.

Budi said that in that incident there are not any casualties when the bus get fired in Cawang. The fire have been directly put out the fire agen poker in less than 30 minutes. “We never tolerate every disruption in every aspect especially when talking about safety. All bus, we operate must be tested and ensure its safety,” said Budi.

Budi said that he still don’t get any information for the cause of the fire from the bus with number TJ054. “The current supposition is the fire have come from the front cabin there are short circuit,” said Budi.

Budi have also ask for apologize to Jakarta people for this incident. Next, Budi is guarantee the service of Transjakarta Teman Poker99 will run normally although there are 30 buses with Ankai brand have been banned from operation.

Getting Better, 3 Toddlers Who Victims From Molotov Bomb Will Take Plastic Surgery

The condition from 3 toddlers who become the victims of molotov bomb at Oikumene Church in Samarinda have getting better. There planned all of the victims would have plastic surgery when the doctor team from AW Sjahranie Hospital don’t find any burns.

This operation will do to ensure the victims who all is the kids won’t have any disturbing wound left. Director of AW Sjahranie Samarinda Hospital, dr Rachim Dinata have said that every day the cleanse of the burns in operation room have been did routinely every day. Now, doctor team have been focused in preventing the infection agen bola from burns which got by victims.
“Plastic surgery is require if there are any infection which can’t be cured and that is also need to ensure the burns have dried completely and have The new contractures. Firstly, we have remove the damage skin then we will take some good skin. This named as skin graft, so the new skin will taken and attached to wound which need to recover,” said Rachim.

The plan is the first two patients which is Alvaro 4 years old and Anita 2 years old will moved into ward room in next few days. The last toddlers, Trinity 3 years old would be stay in Neonatal Intensify Care Unit room.

“Right now the burns process have been in great condition. It is presume like we have grow plant so we have made the fertile the below area of the plant. So we have ensure Teman Judi the burns area have properly, don’t have any infection. Then we have do surgery because without worrying there are any infection later,” said Rachim.

Previously at Sunday last week about 10 o’clock Samarinda local time, someone have throw molotov bomb to in front of the Oikumene Church. The bomb have explode in the Sunday pray. There are noted 4 persons become the victim, all of the victims are toddlers. One of the victim have dead when have treatment. There still have another Sbobet three victims which received treatment in hospital.

The police have defined 7 suspects which have become the part of this bombing network.

Police : Next Tuesday Or Wednesday Will Be Examined Ahok Case

The Criminal Reserve Agency from Indonesia Police have planning the open examination for DKI Jakarta Incumbent Governor Candidate Basuki Tjahaja Purnama will be held next week. The case is related to accusation for blasphemy by current DKI Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama when giving speech in Kepulauan Seribu.

“We have planned the examination next week, maybe Tuesday or Wednesday,” said The Head of General Information from Indonesia National Police Chief Commissioner Martinus Sitompul at Nusa Dua Bali.
Police : Next Tuesday Or Wednesday Will Be Examined Ahok Case
Martinus explained that the examination will be held openly for answer public question about the law enforcement process. Because there is need a mechanism. “Through President order, the Chief of Indonesia National Police have gathering his staff of discuss the method. This would become the open information through press broadcasting our TV broadcasting,” said Martinus.

“The format still waiting for president direction, Till now it is still not finalized,” continue him.

Martinus said that, police still looking for perfect format for the open case examination. Is using live broadcasting, face to face or in theater form. “If the examination get through open assembly, then we have saw that it would answer public question for law enforcement not for determine the result of the assembly would be continue into higher lever or not. If continue there would be proven and police have enough evidence. If not, it would be like expert discussion,” explain Martinus.

Sued For Ahok Prosecuted, Fadli Zon Planned To Attend Demonstration At Palace

The Deputy Head of People Representative Council Fadli Zon planned to attend in demonstration with demonstrator who want prosecution to Basuki Tjahaja Purnama or Ahok about his statement which citing the paragraph in Koran.

The demonstration would take tagline “Aksi Bela Islam” have been planned to take place in front of State Palace next week. This demonstration is initiated by all Islam organization in Indonesia. “If together with people, I am ready to take part in this demonstration for asking the the fair prosecuted,” said Fadli when receive the representative from Islam organization which lead by leader of FPI, Rizieq Shihab.
Sued For Ahok Prosecuted, Fadli Zon Planned To Attend Demonstration At Palace
Fadli have said that demonstration for Ahok statement is not related to election. This demonstration, according Fadli is pure related with prosecution which he presume still take sides. “That is very clear from the police which till today not call Ahok for examine. Ahok have come to Criminal Reserve Agency of Indonesia National Police for clarify his statement as his initiative not called by Criminal Reserve Agency.

“Let the people deliver their aspiration, Me as the Head of People Representative Council together with people will together for deliver aspiration,” continue Fadli. The demonstration to Ahok statement when the current incumbent for DKI Jakarta Election when visiting Thousand Islands or Kepulauan Seribu have been done in this few weeks. Previously at 14 Oktober 2016, people from Islam Organization have demonstrate in front of Jakarta City Hall.

They want Ahok have prosecuted for his statement who cited Al Maidah 51 paragraph.

Induct Sylviana In KAHMI Management, Anies Said It Is Only Accidental

The candidate Governor of DKI Jakarta who is also the Presidium of The Corps of Islam Scholar Assemble Alumni or KAHMI have been appointed to induct the head of KAHMI Jaya which DKI Jakarta regional for 2016 to 2021 period.

One of the presidium which inducted is the candidate for Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta Sylviana Murni. Anies have said that this only accidental. “That is accidentally if I get appointed to induct and there is also accidentally if one of the member who get inducted is the candidate in the DKI Jakarta Election, our sister Sylviana Murni,” said Anies.
Induct Sylviana In KAHMI Management, Anies Said It Is Only Accidental
However, Sylviana is not attended the event. Beside Sylviana, Anies have also inducted daftar togel the deputy chairman of DKI Jakarta Regional People Representative Council M Taufik as the head of Predisium KAHMI Jaya.

“He is the member of winning team of Anies Baswedan but his speech at here as the Head of KAHMI,” said Anies which responded with applause by the cadre of KAHMI who attend the event. As the national KAHMI Presidium, Anies have said that Jakarta people have opportunity to choose the condition they want in next five years in the 2017 election.

“Not about who will elected. I have delivery to Jakarta people to have that awareness,” said Anies. In his speech, Anies have also said the message from the Head of National Presidium KAHMI Mahfud MD.

“Mr. Mahfud have realized that Jakarta should be having back his humanity. We must give back the Rois term which mean leader and people which mean the followers,” said Anies. Anies have said that people is not only citizen but is someone who must repect and serve.

“Because of that, Jakarta should choose the leader who respect his people, appreciate his people because that is main meaning from leadership,” said Anies

Djan Faridz : Why They Should Be Fear If I Support Ahok?

The Chairman of United Development Party from Jakarta Conference Djan Faridz has marked his choice to support the incumbent Basuki Tjahaja Purnama and Djarot Saiful Hidayat won’t make new conflicts.

Djan have deny the assumption if his choice to support Ahok-Djarot in DKI Jakarta Election will trigger the cadre of United Development Party Rage. This assumption have been said by Chairman of United Development Party from Reconciliation Conference Romahurmuziy when asking Djan Faridz to not acting behalf of United Development Party.
Djan Faridz : Why They Should Be Fear If I Support Ahok?
“There won’t be any conflicts anymore. Why we should make noise? Why he should be fear if I support Ahok?” said Djan in declaration of suppor Ahok-Djarot in United Development Party office. According to Djan, his support to Ahok-Djarot is not need to be issue. Djan said that there is the right of United Development Party administration from Jakarta Conference to support any candidate in DKI Jakarta Election.

“Our right for support anyone. That is at our hand. If he can support the A, I also have right to support the B,” said Djan. Previously, Chairman of United Development Party who recognize by Ministry of Law and Human Rights through Reconciliation Conference Romahurmuziy asking Djan to not behalf of party name.

He said that, Djan not have any legal or administrative standing, moral authority and history value as party cadre. “Stop political thuggery by plunder the party which heritage by religious. I couldn’t hold the rage of theologian and cadre if they are feel humiliated with this. They could do everything we won’t it happen,” said Romi.

United Development Party Djan Faridz just have declared they support for incumbent Ahok-Djarot in 2017 DKI Jakarta Election. The Declaration have held in United Development Party Center Office at Diponegoro Street, Menteng, Central Jakarta.

In other side, PPP which lead by Romahurmuziy have declared they support to Agus Harimurti and Sylviana Murni early days. This candidate have been carried by Demokrat Party, PAN, PKB and PPP.

The Judge Who Adjudicate Mirna Death Case Have Allegedly Involved With Corruption

One of the member of judge chamber who lead the court of Wayan Mirna Salihin death case, Partahi Tulus Hutapea have allegedly involved with bribery case. Partahi and other judge, Casmaya allegedly to meet lawyer who have litigants and have deal for giving money about 28 thousand dollar Singapore.

This involvement have been revealed in the accusation letter for Wiranatakusumah Legal and Consultant staff, Ahmad Yani. The accusation for Ahmad Yahi have been read by prosecutor from Corruption Eradication Commission at Jakarta Corruption Court.
The Judge Who Adjudicate Mirna Death Case Have Allegedly Involved With Corruption
“That money have gave to Partahi as he status as the head of judge chamber and Casmaya as the member have won the defendant which have represent by the lawyer Raoul Adhitya Wiranatakusumah,” said prosecutor from Corruption Eradication Commission, Pulung Rinandoro.

In the accusation letter, Partahi have been ever met with one of the lawyer who litigated which is Raoul Wiranatakusumah. The meeting have held in judge office at Central Jakarta Court. Partahi alleged to decide the civil case according the request of Raoul.

In the case, the handover of the money have through the man name Santoso who is also clerk of Central Jakarta Court. Few moments after Santoso receive the money, the officer from KPK have arrest him.

Three judges from Central Jakarta Court which is Casmaya, Agustinus Setyo Wahyu and Partahi Tulus Hutapea have been ever asked by KPK investigator. All of them have asked for same case which is bribery to clerk of Central Jakarta Court, Santoso.