Kekeluargaan Coalition Have Postponed The Declaration For DKI Jakarta 2017 Election Candidate

The declaration agenda to carry Sandiaga Uno as one of DKI Jakarta Governor candidate together with his partner as the deputy have been postponed. The agenda which planned early to be held at Monday 22 August 2016 have been postponed without any reason.
Kekeluargaan Coalition Have Postponed The Declaration For DKI Jakarta 2017 Election Candidate
Sandiaga Uno who is currently Cadre and Deputy Chief of Elder Council of the Greater Indonesia Movement Party or Gerindra have said that the postponed is cause by there are a lot of high ranking member from the coalition party have more important issue must be solve. Sandiaga have said that his party, Gerindra have held a close meeting with other party’s executives in this big coaltion. All of the political parties have agreed to re-schedule the declaration to 25 August.

“There are few parties leader who require additional time for verification and investigate the deputy governor candidate which will carry by this coalition,” said Sandiaga.

Sandiaga unwilling to said those parties who ask additional time. One of the factor which claimed by Sandiaga is the improvement in this election winning strategy. “The newest survey have show us the incumbent’s electability, the current Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama can be competed.

Sandiaga have also deny there are the political parties which will withdraw from the coalition. He have believe that the coalition have shown its solidity and synergistic against incumbent.

According to Sandi, all the parties have gave him right and discretion in choose his deputy but Sandi have said that he will discuss every potential candidate with the coalition member. “I am still focus for greet local people. We have get a lot of potential name which will become the candidate like current DKI Jakarta Regional Secretary, Saefullah or Sylviana Murni, one of DKI Jakarta Governor Assistant. All the name will be verify and investigate for getting the best candidate,” said Sandiaga Uno.

Meet Megawati, Ahok Have Claimed Not Talking About Election

DKI Jakarta Governor, Basuki Tjahaj Purnama or commonly call with Ahok have met with the Chairwoman of Indonesia Democratic Party Struggle, Megawati Soekarnoputri when both of them have attended the annual assembly of People’s Consultative Assembly, yesterday. In the meeting, Ahok have confessed there not discussion about DKI Jakarta Governor 2017 Election.

Ahok have explain both of them have not talking about the election but only talking about Ahok have attended the annual assembly alone without his wife. “She have ask me why alone, is governor’s wife have other activity? I answer my wife is not come because there few things she must take care,” said Ahok.
Meet Megawati, Ahok Have Claimed Not Talking About Election
Ahok have frequently stated that he don’t have talking about DKI Election with Megawati who is the leader of the Indonesia ruling party. The information he have is today, the PDI Perjuangan will be held the consolidation meeting but Ahok have again stated that he don’t what the topic and agenda behind that meeting.

“Maybe tomorrow, Center Administrator Council of Indonesia Democratic Party Struggle would have meeting but I don’t know what their agenda but from the rumor I hear they want to consolidation meeting,” said Ahok.

The Head of Center Administrator Council of Indonesia Democratic Party Struggle, Hugo Parreira have said his party won’t get rush to declare the candicate in DKI Jakarta 2017 Election. “The declaration is only technical issues. It can be declaration after registration. There should not a declaration before the registration. The most important is the decision,” said Andreas at People Representative Council building.

Indonesia Democratic Party Struggle currently still don’t decide the name of the candidate who will participate in DKI Jakarta 2017 Election. The currently incumbent DKI Jakarta Governor, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama have out as the most potential figure who have carried by Indonesia Democratic Party Struggle.

To Avoid People Get Worries, President’s Advisory Council Have Recommended This To Jokowi

The member of President’s Advisory Council, Hasyim Muzadi have asked President Joko Widodo to prove the coordination all the ministry and state high institution in order to deliver information to public.

The request have been said by Hasyim Muzadi to President when President’s Advisory Council have met Jokowi at Istana Merdeka, Jakarta, Thursday 11 August 2016. “As the example about the death sentence, narcotics and many thing. Currently, there are a lot of information which can’t give complete information to public,” said Hasyim.
To Avoid People Get Worries, President's Advisory Council Have Recommended This To Jokowi
If the coordination between ministry and state high institution can work well, the information about sensitive issues can be delivered clearly to public which will make public can get the complete information. “If don’t like that, public would be worried,” said Hasyim.

State Would Be Take Over The Distribution Of Indonesian Workers At Overseas

Beside the information flow, Hasyim have also recommended goverment to take over the distribution of Indonesian Workers to overseas. “The example is the workers can register from RT, RW, District, Regency, Governor to Minister of Manpower,” said Hasyim.

After that, the workers candidate can be placed into training center to give require training which need by workers who will work at overseas. “The place or shelter should be provide by government. We have already can’t rely on the Indonesia Workers Distribution Service because there have frequently do violation,” continue Hasyim.

After send to destination country, Ministry Of Foreign Affairs through Consulate General or Indonesia Embassy must record who, how much and where the workers would be placed or worker. “With that procedure, when the workers have arrive at destination country, Ministry of Foreign Affairs can be monitoring the workers. We current condition it would hard because there are about 5 million workers which have spread in many location and some of the workers is also in unknown location,” said Hasyim. The former of Head of Nahdlatul Ulama have believe that system can work out to prevent illegal workers from Indonesia and provide a complete protection for Indonesia citizens which work overseas.

There Are 5 Company Have Following ERP Bid

DKI Jakarta Transportation Agency have starting the bidding process for Electronic Road Pricing or ERP. ERP is a paid road system which very popular in many big city in order to control the traffic by charging vehicle users who have pass the road which have high traffic intensity.

DKI Jakarta Governor, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama or known as Ahok have said that there are 5 company which have follow the bid for this project.
There Are 5 Company Have Following ERP Bid
“I think we are only waiting the process. There are 5 company follow this bidding,” said Ahok at East Senayan Parking Park, Jakarta Sunday 7 August 2016.

Deputy of DKI Jakarta Head of Transportation Agency, Sigit Wijatmoko have said that the implementation from the bidding of ERP have based on Governor Regulation Number 149 Year 2016 which signed by Governor of DKI Jakarta, Basuki at 29 July 2016.

The bidding of ERP, continue by Sigit is using buy back cooperation scheme when it has finished built. Implementer of Bidding is Regional Public Service Agency for Electronic Paying Road which under DKI Jakarta Transportation Agency.

Sigit have targetted the winner of bidding would be choose in next 8 to 12 months. Sigit have said that the require time about 8 to 12 months is due to the process for deciding of the winner is require three step valuation.

The first step is the quality of the company which should be ensure that they can build the ERP. The second is the company financial condition and the third is technical and price evaluation through three months test. “We will accompany by Government Policy for Goods and Service Procurement Agency or LKPP in this bidding,” said Sigit.

This paying road system have been targeted to operated in the end of 2017 or beginning of 2018. The program have been regulated in Regional Regulation Number 5 Year 2014 about Transportation. According to the regulation the ERP device can be built by private company.

There are two segment would be bidding together to implement ERP is Sudirman-Thamrin corridor and Kuningan Corridor or HR Rasuna Said Road.

Sugar Mill In Indonesia Will Be Revitalized

Minister of State Owned Enterprise Rini Soemarno have said that there are 62 sugar mill in Indonesia. Almost the mills have inappropriate condition and will be revitalized into more modernized to increase and control sugar production in Indonesia.

“For the total we need to be revitalized still calculated. We have target to have modernized sugar mills similar with Glenmore Banyuwangi,” saat Rini at the prime operating of Glenmore Modern Sugar Mill, Bayuwangi, East Java, Tuesday 2 August 2016.
Sugar Mill In Indonesia Will Be Revitalized
She said that, State Owned Enterprise have never build new sugar mills since 1982. The first cane milling have been started at 1985 or 31 years ago. “Hopefully this new mills can produce good quality sugar with yield or sugar rate can reach maximum rate like we hope it also including on control of national sugar production,” said Rini

She have noticed that other point we should concern is on the main ingredient which is cane. If the beginning of the cane production is about 90 ton per hectare so it can be increase to 150 or 160 ton per hectare.

PT Perkebunan Nusantara XII have promise to use new seedling in order to increase the cane production. Glenmore Sugar Mill have build at 2012 and take place about 29 hectare area. The mill have manage by PT Industri Gula Glenmore which is consortium PT Perkebunan Nusantara XII and XI with investment value about Rp. 1,5 trillion. The biggest funding is from national banks’ credit.

President director from PT Perkebunan Nusantara XII Irwan Basri have said, the cane as main ingredients have supplied by PT Perkebunan Nusantara XII which have area about 11.000 hectares when the functioned area is about 7.000 hectares.

“Next year there are additional 1.000 hectares from private plantation alongside with 168 hectares from 41 local cane farmers. Our hope is the cane farmers have feel the benefits of Glenmore Sugar Mill,” said Irwan.

This mill have predicted can produce about 58 ton ready to consume sugar each day. “The outcome is very depending on the cane yield when produce time. But we have predicted the cane yield from Glenmore Sugar Mill about 8-9,” said Irwan.

Low Cost Green Car Program Have Bring Investment About Rp 85 Triliun

Director General Of Metal, Machinery, Hardware, Transportation and Electronics from Ministry of Industry, I Gusti Putu Suryawirawan have said that Low Cost Green Car program or we known as low energy and cost vehicle on the first period have bring commitment for invesment about 6,5 billion US Dollar or equal to Rp 85 trillion both of automotive industry and automotive component industry.

Putu have added that the achievement have triggered the creation of new jobs in manufacturing sector about 30 thousands people. “Meanwhile, the creation of new job in component and vehicle distribution sector, dealer and marketing, workshop and aftersales which about reach 40 thousands people,” said Putu at Ministry of Industry, Tuesday 2 August 2016.
Low Cost Green Car Program Have Bring Investment About Rp 85 Triliun
Meanwhile, the new Minister of Industry Airlangga Hartarto appealed all automotive manufacturer to continuously keeping even increasing the quality and fulfill manufacture commitment schedule which focus on the local component composition which have regulated by government.

“In future, we hope there are development in similar program. We have hope the automotive industries have invite all our local small and medium industries like metal, rubber, plastic and leather industries,” said a politician from Party of Functional Groups.

The target have similar with Main National Industry Planning which have stated that automotive industry development as one of top ten industries priority. Due to that, Airlangga continue that Indonesia government have commitment to keep, increase and accomplish the conducive business climate which can give investor to legal standing who like to have doing a business in develop industry.

“We have very confident that economy policy package which have launch by government can increase our business climate and the end which have increase the trust of investor to invest their fund in Indonesia,” said Airlangga Hartarto.

At Tuesday 2 August 2016, PT Astra Daihatsu Motor Karang Plant at Karawang West Java have launch their new products Daihatsu Sigra and Toyota Calya. Both of the vehicle is the latest product which result of collaboration and continuity from Low Cost Green Car Program.

Chairman Of MPR Want Police Have Investigated Freddy Budiman Issue.

The Chairman Of People’s Consultative Assembly, Zulkifli Hasan force The Chief of Indonesia National Police, General Police Tito Karnavian to investigate the issue of authorities who have involve with drugs trafficking mafia.
Chairman Of MPR Want Police Have Investigated Freddy Budiman Issue.
Supposition there are police officers in drugs trafficking have been revealed by Coordinator Of Missing Persons and Victims of Violence Committee or Kontras, Haris Azhar. The Human Rights Activist have said that he only deliver the last word from executed death sentence convict for drug trafficking, Freddy Budiman.

“There is very important of law enforcement, legal standing and justice for personal or institution,” said Hasan from Kupang, Sunday 31 July 2016. Currently, Zulkifli Hasan have visited Kupang City, East Nusa Tenggara to inaugurate Regional Chair Council from National Mandate Party or PAN Party.

According to Hasan, the information have spread today is need a special step as the part from verification for accusation about the involvement of police officer especially for high rank officer in drug trafficking. Due to that, there are require firmness from authorities in this case Indonesia National Police to do it.

MPR, said Hasan in institution will call Tito related this. Hasan continue that every drug criminal have become top criminal priority which want to dismiss by Indonesia Government right now. Because of that the issue which spread by Kontras should be verify to give a legal standing for the institution which have been said involve in this illegal deadly stuff trading.

Meanwhile, General Police Tito have confirmed that he have order The Head of Indonesia National Police Communication and Public Relation Division, Inspector General Boy Rafli Amar to meet and confirm the issue from Haris Azhar. According to Tito, The information from Haris Azhar which have spread in social media is still unknown the truth.