Ahok Planning A Meeting With His Volunteers “Teman Ahok”

Special Capital Region of Jakarta Governor, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama or known as Ahok have planned th meeting with his supporting volunteers “Teman Ahok”. The meeting is held to discuss about there are there official supporting letter from 3 political party which have stated to support the current incumbent Jakarta Governor earlier.

According to one of Teman Ahok Founder, Amalia Ayuningtias, there are not any statement from Ahok or Basuki Tjahaja Purnma about the lane he will use for next year Governor Election, Independent or Political Party. Back to Ahok, when meeted at Old City, West Jakarta, Saturday 25 June 2016, he has said that he is planning to meet his main volunteers group, Teman Ahok and discuss the lane he will take to defend his Governor position at next year election.
Ahok Planning A Meeting With His Volunteers "Teman Ahok"
Three political party which have seat at Jakarta region Parliament or known as DPRD have issue their official letter for support Ahok in next year competition. Those three party are Nasdem or Nasional Demokrat (National Democratic Party), Hanura or Partai Hati Nurani Rakyat (People’s Conscience Party) and Golkar or Golongan Karya (Party of Functional Groups). Totally those three party have 24 seats at DPRD Jakarta or Jakarta Region Parliament. With 24 seats, Ahok is already can nominate from political party lane which only require 21 seats in Parliament.

On other side, Ahok have said that Teman Ahok is unwilling let him go through political party lane moreover that volunteers group have collected more than 1 million Jakarta People identity card who want Ahok sit back as Jakarta Governor for the second times. This controversial Governor have said this condition become polemic and he is need to discuss the issue with Teman Ahok as soon as possible. Ahok said “Teman Ahok will upset if he is choose to follow political party lane because the only way he can prove he is with them is on independent lane but with this newest region election regulation which limited the verification from 14 days into 3 days have made independent in a very risky conditions.”

Saefullah Presume The Support From Ansor Can Become Aspiration For Political Party

Jakarta Region Secretary, Saefullah which also the head from Nadhlatul Utama (NU) Jakarta have appreciated the support from Youth Movement Ansor (Gerakan Pemuda Ansor) to him to compete in next year Jakarta Governor 2017 Election. The number three person in Special Capital Region Of Jakarta administrative have presume that support as the aspiration and that kind of aspiration must be followed to political party which like compete in the hottest regional election in Indonesia.
Saefullah Presume The Support From Ansor Can Become Aspiration For Political Party
To journalist Saefullah have said that, he only can contain and accommodate the aspiration but in the end everything is depending on party which decided would nominate him or not. This statement said by Saefullah when breaking the fast at his Jakarta Region Secretary official residence, Jalan Depnasar, Kuningan, South Jakarta Saturday 25 June 2016.

Previously, Jakarta Ansor Head have declare would push Saefullah become next Jakarta Governor but Saefulla have stated he wasn’t take any decision according to this support. With his status as government employees, Saefullah have said that his position is very depending on the offer from political party and so far there aren’t any party have communicated to dominate him. “My stand is very clear. I can’t give any statement and action about this support because the powerful people who have political party haven’t make any movement, how the powerless person like me have move first” Said Saefullah.

Government Will Intensify The Development Of Natuna Zone

Minister of National Development Planning and also The Chief of National Development Planning Agency, Sofyan Djalil have delivered the cabinet meeting which lead by President Joko Widodo on Indonesia Navy warship KRI Imam Bonjol-383 at Natuna Water, Riau Archipelago, Thursday 23 June 2016 is not only discuss about national defense

“President have came to Natuna to see the development of the border area. Looking the issues and finding the solutions for accelerate the development because one of Government program is developing our national border area. Natuna is also one that border area” Said Sofyan at his office Friday 24 June 2016.
Government Will Intensify The Development Of Natuna Zone
Sofyan continues said that the cabinet meeting is also discuss about the development from Natuna like energy sector on this dispute zone. There are 16 crude oil and natural gas block beneath this area and 5 of them have been starting to produce. When asked about what concrete step will be taken by Jakarta, Sofyan ensure there are a lot of thing will be build and most of them are infrastructure project like electricity, road, seaport, airport and increase of sea transportation and traffic.

Sofyan have said that the build of the Natuna is based on the location is very far from nearest city as the example from Pontianak, West Kalimantan is require 12 hours on boat and if from Riau it require 2 days to arrive the location.

Saleh Husin : Kendal Industrial Park Will Become Government Priority

Indonesia Minister Of Industry, Saleh Husin said Kendal Industrial Park is one of top industry district priority. The statement have delivered when the minister have visited Kendal, Central Java, Friday 24 June 2016.

“This is one of district which become government priority beside the 14 industry district outside of Java Island” said the minister. Saleh have described the Kendal Industry District was the fruit from Indonesia private company with many sides and stakeholders. As we know, Kendal Industry District is a outcome from a negotiation between Indonesia private company with the investor from Singapore. Both of Jakarta and the company which pioneer from this project have hope Kendal Industry District can become accelerate more businessmen, industry and factory to come into Kendal and resulted with the raise of local people income, added the minister.
Saleh Husin : Kendal Industrial Park Will Become Government Priority
Saleh have also stated, one of largest private group in Indonesia, Sinarmas Group would start develop their factory in Kendal Industrial Park, Central Java. Sinarmas Group which is one of pioneer from this Kendal District have hope with their invesment, there would be other company would follow them to come into this industry district. According to Saleh, the Kendal Industrial Park authority would started to build the support facility to attract other company to come into Kendal like street lighting, port and golf park.

Saleh have explained that this project is hope can support the Semarang Industry Zone because with current condition, Semarang have overcrowded and saturated so there are needed another industry zone as the buffer from Semarang Industry Zone. Saleh said the government or Jakarta have committed to support and accelerated the preparation and constructions from the infrastructure into Kendal.

Kendal Industrial Park is a result from cooperation betwwen PT. Jababeka Tbk with PT. Sembcorp Development Pte (Singapore) with the help from few Indonesia private company. This district is planned to fill area about 3.000 ha at Wonorejo Kaliwungu village.